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Prices - Licence Fees & Other Services: 360 - Quote & Tender Evaluation Software in the Cloud
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360 Licence Options

100% transparent pricing

360 is licensed to buyers – providers of goods and services use it for free
Each buyer and each provider can have as many users as they need – both staff and consultants

The fees are designed for government entities and service-based businesses where revenue is a strong indicator of load on simplylogical.net’s resources
Most licence holders have M or L licences

The XL licence is designed for large government departments and nation-wide businesses that publish high value, high interest, and high complexity requests that generate spikes in demand on our resources


Fixed-Price Fees

Licence Options

Licensing Model

Licence Fees

$3,121.34 per annum
$3,745.62 per annum
$6,243.76 per annum
$7,492.58 per annum
$9,365.11 per annum
$11,238.13 per annum

$29,088.30 per annum

Prices current as at 1 July 2021 include GST

Optional Extras

Extra Features

The ADCOM extension suite has:

  • Category-based evaluations (good for panels)
  • Pre-submission rules (e.g. mandatory industry briefings)
  • Alternate submissions (same business - 2 or more submissions)
  • Extra managerial sign-off options
  • Publish to 360’s ☆ Advertised Requests ☆ list
  • Group emails (send emails panel members)
  • Business units (identify which unit is sponsoring the request)
  • Restrict access to supporting documents (e.g. pass-on copyright fees)

The XL licence has:

  • All ADCOM extensions
  • Referee requests (referees submit online to avoid making hundreds of phone calls)

Bespoke Development

Got a good idea or special request?
Our cost-sharing policy applies to all development - see Development Services.

Establishment and Disestablishment

Getting started we recommend:

  • 4 half-day training sessions ($3,911.10 + travel if desired)
  • Help running your first RFT and getting 360 running most efficiently for your organisation (4 days: $7,822.20 + travel if desired)
  • Microsoft Word templates in your organisation's colours ($1,955.55)
  • Help getting the evaluation report template right for your organisation (1.5 days: $2,933.33)

There are no disestablishment fees.

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